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Rapid Flash Combat
Rapid Flash Combat Rapid Flash Combat Rapid Flash Combat Rapid Flash Combat

Rapid Flash Combat


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New for 2020

Whether Team Building or Combat, The Rapid Flash will provide a test of your speed, recognition, and agility while competing in a fast pace game. Practice a bit with the Rapid Flash competition and participants will be amazed at how quickly they improve their ability to see and react. This is great training for any athlete who understands that there is always a competitive edge when you learn to anticipate rather than react.

One of the prime objections parents have to the popular mesmerizing video games that are so popular with young people is the sedentary lifestyle they promote. 

But with Rapid Flash Combat you achieve the same competitive adrenaline rush that engages your mind and reflexes while encouraging and enhancing  motor skills at the same time with true physical action. 

Rapid Combat Rush is another of the new and popular Interactive Play Systems Games that is taking the world of video games to a new and active level.

Dimensions: 13' x 11' x 7'

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