Throughout the year this page will feature some of our newest attractions and special offers.

As a “thank you”, because you have linked to this “special offer page” 

you will see a $25 rental discount on your quote from SuperFun Attractions 

on any quote above the Economy Attractions, which are already discounted substantially.

Be sure to sign up now on our home page to take advantage of these special offers throughout the year.

We are excited to announce the “Grand Opening” of our new SuperFun Arena in Greene County,

SuperFun Attractions will present very special SuperFun Day Events throughout the year at our Arena.

 At these events we will offer our Extreme Attractions to our loyal followers, including our Mechanical Bulls,  Orbitron, Human Gyroscope, Electronic Games our new GellyBall BattleField and more exciting attractions than you can imagine!

These events are by special invitation, so be sure to sign up now.

Over the years SuperFun Attractions has donated more than $460,000 in discounts and special offers to our Loyal Customers and Charities.

Your  admission to these special SuperFun Day Events and will cost as little as $10-$20.

So, Please Stay Tuned for the latest and greatest Inflatables coming your way!