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Your rental is ALL DAY for up to a full 10 hour day or any portion of a day for the same price. You may add a second day for one half the first day rate, or an overnight charge of $50 to keep late for an early pickup next day.

Our online system is fully automated to provide you with an instant quote and availability in real time. Quotes are automated to reduce your transaction costs and are calculated instantly when you tell our software when and where the event is being held. SuperFun can guide you with advice on the phone but cannot quote because our computers calculate the time and distance to deliver to your location.

SuperFun insures your contract with $1,000,000 liability insurance. Many companies with lower prices do not offer insurance since this is an extremely expensive benefit.

We do NOT allow customers to pick up and set up for their own events. Our attractions are too large and require training to assure safety.

Our experienced team will set-up and take down your attraction and our 100% safety record has earned SuperFun awards for safety.

As an option you may  request our SuperFun team to supervise your event; the cost is $25 per hour per team member.

When you make your selection you will be asked if you want our SuperFun Team to setup and takedown, stay and fully supervise, or stay and partial supervise.

If you are selecting multiple attractions, you may want SuperFun to provide one supervisor to assist your volunteers for partial supervision to save cost.

Flash Sale discounts are $25 for a candid, honest Google,  Facebook, or YELP review following your rental experience. Loyalty Customer Discounts are $100 if a customer has rented 3 times or more in the past 5 years. Charitable  discounts can be $50 to $100 per attraction and grow according to the number of events in your history.

Loyal past customers are often offered our most extreme and expensive attractions at discounts of 50% or more;

our way of thanking you for your loyalty.

SuperFun Attractions owns more 5 Star Google ratings than our competitors and delivers attractions to significantly more events than any other company in Central Virginia.

In 2022 SuperFun delivered to 400 events including over 200 schools and churches throughout Virginia. 

Facebook likes are over 3,000, with 4.7 rating out of 5 stars.

WINA radio Caring Community Partner Award

 Safety Leader Award for the nation’s most safety conscious inflatable amusement companies.

 SuperFun Charitable donations and discounts each year average between  $25,000-$56,000 bringing our total community investment to more than $500,000 in our history.

Customers will find other companies offering similar services perhaps at lower cost initially, but SuperFun Attractions has supported our community for two decades with exciting, safe, insured and responsible event attractions that provide value beyond price differences.

SuperFun offers a FULL CREDIT without expiration for an alternate date for your event for your postponement for any reason, from the moment you sign the rental agreement, right up to the moment of delivery. 

This is a FULL CREDIT, not to be assumed as a refund.