As you might expect due to the nature of our business, 

hardly a week goes by that we don’t receive requests 

for donations for charitable events. 

Since we believe in supporting all of these worthy causes, 

we have developed some guidelines to help us stay in business

 while contributing to those organizations that support us.


In response to rising costs which affect us all, we were forced to temporarily suspend and revise our policy regarding

the Loyalty Customer Discount which rewards our returning customers with discounts for their continued loyalty to SuperFun.


The Loyalty Customer Discount will now provide an automatic $100 reduction in your rental cost if our computerized system recognizes that the customer has rented at least 

3 previous times in the past 5 years.

While the rental of an economy attraction will count toward the discount, economy attractions are already discounted and the LCD will not apply to them.

The LCD is in addition to any “flash sale” discount to which you may be entitled and we routinely enhance your discount for volume, and/or promotional considerations.


We also provide you with an option to rent two items at regular rental price and get a third rental free of charge.

Our complete line of more than 130 inflatables and fun mechanical attractions can be found, quoted and booked on our website at Attractions NOT using our automated system are not automatically eligible for the LCD. This is an effort to reduce our costs which we can then pass these efficiencies on to the customer.

We rent our SuperFun inflatables to more area schools and churches than any other company in Virginia, over 200 each year.

And to those non-profits who have rented from us, even at a discount, we offer valuable gift certificates to raffle off at their events. The certificates can have a value of $50 to $500 depending upon how much prior business the charity has contracted with us.

Over time, this can accumulate to a substantial sum, and many of our clients take advantage of this valuable offer. In so doing, the income generated from our gift to your organization in a short time can more than pay for your own rentals for your own events or fundraisers.

In this way we can support each other to the max! In 2022 SuperFun Attractions provided $25,360 in Charitable Contributions and Loyalty Customer Discounts.

In addition, our Fund Raising  partnership with Power of Purpose has brought hundreds of thousands of new dollars to schools that have adopted our fund raising program while bringing SuperFun Attraction Events to their schools.

Thank you for your interest, and please contact our team anytime to take advantage of any of these offers of support for your organization.

Warmest personal regards,

Tom Dulaney Slonaker  Chuck Crenshaw

& The SuperFun Team