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Eye Candy Carnival Games IC5I101
Eye Candy Carnival Games IC5I101 Eye Candy Carnival Games IC5I101 Eye Candy Carnival Games IC5I101 Eye Candy Carnival Games IC5I101

Eye Candy Carnival Games IC5I101


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  • Carnival Midway Dunk TankCarnival Midway Dunk Tank

    Carnival Lover's Love the SuperFun MidWay Dunker!

    This special carnival themed dunk tank is our newest 2020 addition to the parade of dunkers. 

    Nobody else has 4 different themed dunk tanks to choose from, and unlike those you pickup and setup yourself, ours come fully delivered and ready to fill and fall! 

    You will be amazed at how clean and sanitary our selection of dunk tanks are when compared to our competitors versions.

    If you want a different theme dunker, try Let Freedom Ring, Clowning Around, or The Big Kahuna!

    SuperFun Attraction Dunk Tanks are top quality and say "first class" every time they are on display.

    Professional Grade Scuba Wet Suits are available for a small additional $44 charge to keep the dunked adult participant warmer and more comfortable in chilly conditions. These are professional grade suits.

  • Circus MoonbounceCircus Moonbounce

    Bring the Circus into your special event and that's no Barnum or Blarney! The SuperFun Circus Moonbounce brings the nostalgia of one of America's great entertainment traditions into your special day with amazing pictures of circus menagerie inviting participants into their very own circus tent for hours of bouncing SuperFun! This brand new for 2019 colorful bounce has obstacles inside that enhance the gamesmanship of the hi-flying bouncers. Only thing missing is the trapeze! For even more Circus Adventure check out the Circus Combo found in the Combo categories. It is the same nostalgic circus look but the attraction itself is both a moonbounce and a slide! 

    FOOTPRINT: 13 x 13 x 14H

    SN: tc-51812099

  • Midway Carnival GamesMidway Carnival Games

    Our SuperFun Midway Carnival Game Package, new for 2020 includes the large Midway Inflatable Tent and a great choice of carnival games. This multi-purpose booth is perfect for SuperFun food concessions, exciting table-top carnival games, ticket sales, or registration. Rent the 20' booth and get the games to make your carnival event special!

    Much safer than the pointed metal darts, our SuperFun MAGNETIC BALLOON DART GAME invites contestants to try to hit 3 balloons of the same color to win the prize. 

    JUGGLING RINGS require a good toss to land your color rings on the clown's targets. 

    CAN-IT is the standard knock the metal cans down with a beanbag toss.

     And RATTLESNAKE ROUNDUP, tests your skill throwing colorful rings at the cactus.

    Dimensions: 12'L x 18'W x 11'H

  • Standard Delivery/PickupStandard Delivery/Pickup

Product Information:

Eye Candy Carnival Games provides 4 different and interesting Carny-Type Games for participants of all ages.It’s the perfect start to hosting your own carnival themed party with the Inflatable Carnival! This inflatable includes 5 games with vibrant artwork that will make any space feel like a carnival. This 5 in 1 also includes built in rings to display prizes. Patrons: 8 Dimensions: 16'L x 16'W x 11'H Power: 1 Blowers Accessories: The following game panels and their accessories are included: Colors: Tossing Game Wild Fun: Tossing Game Tic Tac Toe: Tossing Game Clown Toss: Tossing Game Candy Darts: Velcro Darts

SN IC5I101

Government Inspected and Certified September 17, 2017

Product Reviews:

  • 6/23/17Jasonother than darts, not enough balls and nerf ammo

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