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Product Information:

Bungee and Basketball Here is a game of balance, skill, stamina, and pure fun. Compete with friends and family by scoring as many points as possible. This is a tough and competitive game considering you are connected to your competitor by your vest with an elastic bungee cord. When one pulls to get in close for a layup, the opponent is pulled away for a long shot!

This unit will undoubtedly provide hours upon hours of great times.

Two players harnessed together fight for position. Will the shot be a layup or a set shot from distance? Only your strength and strategy can give you the BEST chance to score! Shoot from a distance and risk losing the basketball AND the points, but if you can work your way inside the paint, the deuce can give you the lead. While only two can play at a time, the crowds will gather round to cheer you on and relish their turn in the SuperFun Basketball Arena!

This game is best played by ages 12 and above since some younger players may experience difficulty with the harness if their body is too small.

This attraction needs a footprint of 30 feet length and 15 feet width.
Government Inspected and Certified March 30, 2024

Anchor Points - 6

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:


Space Needed:



  • Basketballs
  • Bungee Vests

  • Standard Delivery/Pickup/Cleaning

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