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Cliff Hanger Xtreme Slide BA
Cliff Hanger Xtreme Slide BA Cliff Hanger Xtreme Slide BA Cliff Hanger Xtreme Slide BA Cliff Hanger Xtreme Slide BA

Cliff Hanger Xtreme Slide BA


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15x 35x28

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Product Information:

This 27' tall Two Lane Cliff Hanger has been called the " Steepest, Fastest, & Most Thrilling Slide in the World" when it was first introduced. The Cliffhanger is a dry slide ONLY, but that won't matter! This is our most extreme drop and it is not for the faint -hearted! Climb to the top of the Cliffhanger (some actually have turned around after starting the climb). Grab the hand-holds and release simultaneously for the screamin' slide to the bottom. Race your friends since this is a 2 lane attraction that is one of the industry's most extreme drops in an inflatable dry slide. Some slides may be taller than our 27 foot monster, but none are steeper!  

SN# 10494 Einflatables    03/13/09

Footprint:33 Lx 23Wx 30H

Product Reviews:

  • 5/29/15Mary GoldenTape covering up rip on one half of slide came off and half the slide had to be shut down for a period of time.

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    Government Inspected and Certified 10/7/17