Website page – whats new

Throughout the year this page will feature some of our newest attractions.

For our customers who qualify for our Loyalty Customer Discounts we will offer these “new items” at a substantial discount for a limited introductory time.
AND we will provide special notice of the availability of these new exciting attractions through our Newsletter.
This month, our newest SuperFun Attraction is our “Snow-Making” Machine!
Be sure to sign up now on our home page to take advantage of these special offers throughout the year.

In addition, SuperFun Attractions will appear at very special SuperFun Day Events throughout the year.
At these special advertised events our SuperFun Attractions will be donated by to charities in our area who may have supported us in the past. Last year SuperFun Attractions donated over $46,000 in discounts and special offers to our Loyal Customers and Charities.

Your donation will be your admission to these special SuperFun Day Events and will feature and donate our “most exciting new attractions” at these important fund-raisers.

So, Please Stay Tuned for the latest and greatest Inflatables coming your way!