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The original Sticky will have your guests talking about your event for days! This inflatable attraction is a giant, oversized Velcro wall. Participants step into a multi-colored, striped sticky suit, which has corresponding Velcro straps, and sprint down the runway. After they get some air with a good bounce, guests will find themselves hanging around on the 13-foot Velcro wall. The suits and the wall are made to hold both adults and children, and offer a great bond experience for parents and their kids. The bright, bold stripes and the red/yellow walls of this inflatable game will capture the attention of every passerby and fit into any theme or color scheme. 

Minimum Player Hght 42", Maximum Player Wght 250 lbs.

SN 809Q9481SW   

Government Inspected and Certified 09/17/2017

Government Inspected and Certified 04/18/2019

Price: $299.00 per day / *Delivery and discounts are additional*
Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 13x18x22
Space Needed: 15x20x25

Customer Rating:    4.8 of 5 (12 votes)


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