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SN: 1207266867ADRN3

This giant slide with adjacent ladders and separate adjacent slides offers a thrilling challenge for those who wish to race side by side, or just enjoy a speed shot down a 22 foot slope of excitement. Because this one attraction offers the advantage of two side by side slides it is ideal for those occasions when the crowd might overwhelm just one slide, and yet as a single piece it does not take up the space that two separate attractions would. If you anticipate a good size crowd, opt for this attraction to reduce those long lines waiting for their turn. Also please note, this slide is one part of a three part piece called Adrenaline Rush. If you order this double slide you are getting the double slide only. You could also order the Double slide joined to the obstacle course, or the complete 3 piece attraction called Adrenaline Rush!

Footprint for the BA Double Slide: 25'L x 18' W x 20' H

Price: $345.00 per day / *Delivery and discounts are additional*
Circuits needed: 0
Item Dimensions: 17x18x22
Space Needed: 20x20x25

Customer Rating:    5 of 5 (7 votes)


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BA Double Slide 1207266867ADRN3

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