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best priceAt Cville Inflatables we have invested time and money to guarantee that SuperFun Attractions are your most economical choice for your event. Here is how you can be assured of receiving the best service and lowest price for your selection.

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We have designed our website so that you can find prices and even order or book your event by requesting a quote online.

By requesting a quote you are not obligated in any way. You will receive an automated reply that calculates our published best price for your attraction. What you won't see in this automated response are discounts you may be entitled to. We have to calculate those manually.

It isn’t possible for us to calculate this information and provide you with an accurate quote from just your phone call, it requires your input online first. Please don’t call for prices, although we love to talk with our SuperFun friends, and are happy for you to call for any help or advice regarding your special event.

Your automated quote calculates the distance our crew travels to deliver, set up and, return to take down and then clean and sanitize your attraction. This is something most companies DO NOT DO! This information is needed to calculate our cost to deliver to you, pay our experienced crews to set it up and come back when your event has ended to remove your attraction. YOU CAN ALSO ASK FOR OUR TEAM TO STAY AND SUPERVISE YOUR EVENT FOR AN ADDITIONAL COST IF YOU PREFER. Our inflatables weigh between 250 and 1,500 pounds. It is NOT possible for you to pick them up, handle or return them in proper condition.

Some companies may allow you to pick up their inflatables, however, those units you will find will be of inferior quality and condition AND SUBJECT TO RISK.

We know that customers can’t care for them the way our team members do.

After we have all the details from your automated request, you can request a call from us (and/or email if you prefer) to answer any questions or apply any additional discounts that may not appear on your automated reply.

In 13 years over 7,000 SuperFun customers have experienced our service without any major incidents or injuries.
This is why the Industry awarded SuperFun Attractions the "SAFETY LEADERSHIP" AWARD IN 2018!

ECONOMY BOUNCERS Our goal has always been provide SuperFun Attractions within any budget. Our Economy Line of Bouncers provide a selection from $129-$159 plus delivery These bouncers may be a bit smaller than our regular bouncers but They are still a great way to bring SuperFun into your backyard. These are NOT recommended for commercial public events because they are generally smaller, but they are ideal for residential parties of 10-15 children. The LCD can’t be applied to an economy rental (they are already discounted), however, every economy rental in your history DOES build your personal LCD. Loyal customers apply their discount to any rentals above the economy line.

CHARITABLE & MILITARY DISCOUNTS SuperFun Attractions is deeply committed to partnering with our churches and schools to provide deep discounts for your events. We provide entertainment attractions to over 200 schools and churches each year, and the number has been growing for 12 years. Once you request a quote and verify that the sponsoring planner is a qualified 501-C3 or active military, we apply the following discounts to our published prices: $50 off of any Giant Moonbounce $75 off of the Obstacles, Interactives, or popular Combo Attractions $100 off of the Giant Slides. As your organizations history with SuperFun Attractions grows, we continue to increase these discounts by offering the Loyalty Customer Discount, which means the amount we discount for your loyalty to us increases with every rental in your history. That way, your loyalty to SuperFun provides substantial discounts for our more expensive extreme attractions which might otherwise be outside of your budget. In addition, SuperFun provides valuable Certificates for our customer's fund raisers to help you raise money for your community projects. Our newsletters reach over 7,000 interested SuperFun Fans to promote your events and help drive attendance. One reason so many churches have relied on SuperFun Attractions since 2007 is that by announcing that our attractions will be at your event, they act as a magnet, attracting crowds that will grow over the years in anticipation of exciting amusements from SuperFun!

SUPERFUN DISCOUNT: LCD We appreciate and reward loyalty. Every time you rent an inflatable from us, we credit $25 into your Loyalty Customer Discount Program Account. This information is stored online, and after your quote request is received our team will calculate the number of prior rentals in your account and apply a $25 discount for each one, up to $125 per attraction and sometimes considerably more, depending upon the size of your event and your past history with SuperFun. Please note; this is not a discount per order, but per attraction, no matter how many attractions you may order. It’s the best discount program ever! This is our way of “saying thank you for choosing us!” We know that budgets can be tight, and you may want to rent something special that just doesn’t fit the budget. Our Loyal Customers can! There is no limit to the number of discounts that can apply per customer. *Economy bouncers are those we have steeply discounted from $129-$159 Since these are already discounted, they do not qualify for the LCD but do count towards it!

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK New customers don’t have to wait to get their discount! “Like Us” on Cville Inflatables Facebook page and provide a candid Google Review of your experience with SuperFun Attractions and we will apply a $25 discount off your very first rental! Plus; if you are a longtime customer and haven’t yet “Liked Us” on Facebook, you can “Like Us” now to receive an additional $25 off the published prices, one time only.

Find a comparable inflatable attraction at a lower price from ANY of our competitors, and we will Match that price, AND apply the LCD to your next rental. Just provide us with a written quote, and we not only match it, WE BEAT IT WITH OUR LCD BENEFIT! No one offers a larger selection and no one beats our prices!

You can keep your attraction ALL DAY, or any portion of the day:

The cost will be the same. Some companies charge by the hour; not us!

Our expense to bring your SuperFun Attraction to you is the same if you keep it for 2 hours or 10. Insurance, taxes, fuel, crew setup and take down all remain fixed for us, so unlike some companies that may charge by the hour (or for four hour periods) SuperFun can be yours all day for the same low price.

Want to keep your SuperFun overnight?

If your party is ending very late, or you wish to keep SuperFun over night there is an additional charge of $50 per attraction. This is to provide special cleaning with disinfectants to remove harmful bacteria that can grow when temperature differences from night to day may promote mildew.

Our commitment is to provide clean, safe SuperFun.

If you wish to keep and enjoy your attraction a second day,

the rental rate is ½ of the first day rate, and a third day is 1/2 of the second day rate.

Our staff loves to talk with our customers! Honest!

We are former television/radio sportscasters and teachers.

Our entire careers have been spent talking with people.

It is what we love to do.

Although we love visiting with our customers on the phone, it just isn’t possible to answer effectively and efficiently all of your questions, as well as take orders by phone. Sometimes we may seem rushed and unable to spend the quality time you deserve on the phone. We don’t like that anymore than you!

We also understand that some folks are just not as adept with internet services as others, so we are committed to help you select and order by phone as a convenience to those who may not be able to effectively use our automated services.

Because this special level of service to order online involves more staff time, we cannot offer the same discounts provided by our automated service.