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SuperFun Super Performance Guarantee for Rent

With over 7,000 events served since 2004, our customers have consistently given more 5 star reviews for SuperFun Attractions than any company providing entertainment services in Central Virginia.

Not surprising since SuperFun delivers to more customers, has Virginia's largest selection of entertainment attractions, and has contracted with the most Virginia schools and churches in Virginia.

We are proud of our Team, and each one is dedicated to making your event a special occasion with lasting memories. Meet our SuperFun Clean Teen Team, who meet regularly to prepare your attractions for your five star experience.

They are led by our Team Leader, Operations Manager Chuck Crenshaw, who is dedicated to keeping your event the most important part of our week.

My right hand man for the past 10 years has been our Field Manager, Lionel Bradford, who you rely on for top performance setting up and taking down your attractions in a safe, sanitary SuperFun way.

UVA grad and retired pediatrician, Nick Yates, MD joined our SuperFun team in 2021 following a 45 year career.

Nick has dedicated his life to the health and well-being of young people and has found a way to continue that commitment in retirement bringing SuperFun Attractions to our community.

Bryan Gibson has been our school liaison since 2020 and through our association has helped us deliver SuperFun Attractions to schools all over Virginia with our Days of Awesomeness.

Bryan's expertise shares with schools a proven track record of not just providing SuperFun SuperDays, but also sharing and directing a program that brings tens of thousands of dollars to our schools that choose to participate.

Chuck, Lionel, Nick and Bryan manage our young team to keep your deliveries rolling.

Professional delivery to Charlottesville, VA and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us to be sure we service your area.

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