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Tropical Torpedo Drop and Slip n Slide
Tropical Torpedo Drop and Slip n Slide Tropical Torpedo Drop and Slip n Slide Tropical Torpedo Drop and Slip n Slide Tropical Torpedo Drop and Slip n Slide

Tropical Torpedo Drop and Slip n Slide


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The Tropical Torpedo Slide is a 22 foot sheer drop into a pool of water for one screamin' fast ride! THIS THRILLING RIDE IS DIFFERENT FROM THE DUAL LANE TROPICAL SLIDE THAT ALLOWS RIDERS TO RACE EACH OTHER. IN THIS TROPICAL TORPEDO THERE IS ONE SHEER DROP FOR ONE RIDER AT A TIME. For Added Thrills you can rent the optional nearly 30 foot Slip N' Slide past the Tropical Palm Trees! for a 52 foot wet adventure! We have customers who continue to rent this SuperFun Attraction year after year because they "love the tropics" and just can't imagine a more thrilling water attraction! Or just rent the Tropical 30' Slip n' Slide alone for just $299! Don't let this one slip and slide away!

60'L x 14'W x 25'H

Arena Inspection 5/31/20  O

Arena inspection and disinfection  6/13/20

DIMENSIONS: 24'H x 14'W x 30'L

SN 1C1V1381

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