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Buccaneer BC276501
Buccaneer BC276501 Buccaneer BC276501 Buccaneer BC276501 Buccaneer BC276501

Buccaneer BC276501


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  • Giant Slide Delivery/PickupGiant Slide Delivery/Pickup

Product Information:

This 35 foot replica of a Spanish Galleon is bigger than the ships that brought the settler to the new world! This enormous eye-catcher is a Pirate Adventure that promises to be a ship of fun to fill your party with excitement! Mates climb through the gun portals past the menacing pirates with swords drawn. Climb the yardarm (if you dare) to the aft of the ship where a slide down the plank lands ye' in the midst of the gang of swashbucklers themselves. Landlubbers have portals to view the belly of the ship and make sure the cargo is safe!

SN BC276501    VA Inspect 09/17/2017

Government Inspected and Certified September 17, 2017

Specifications:  Height 17' 00"

  • Width 16'    Length  27’   Weight 382 lbs

Product Reviews:

  • 5/27/16KatherynThere was a hole in the Buccaneer and we had to tape it to keep it inflated properly.

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