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Product Information:

No Virginia company delivers more mechanical bulls to parties here than SuperFun
and we've been delivering Fu Manchu for over 19 years!

Our Premium Deluxe Mechanical Bulls are the newest and best Bulls on the market, purchased new in 2023 from Galaxy, world-wide leader in manufacturing quality mechanical bulls!

The two versions of the platform are a circular, patriotic stars and stripes which is smaller and fits smaller, inside venues or the log slammer rectangular platform.
Each have all the premium bull riding features, a new, colorful and exciting inflatable platform surrounded by replica wood logs for the log-slammer version more appropriate for outdoor events wiith large enough space, more exciting bull maneuvers for experienced and novice bull riders and all of our standard bull riding features.

The Mechanical Bull control console is housed in our signature color, Galaxy bright yellow, to catch the eye.
There are six pre-set automatic competition levels, which are linked to two LED time clocks.
Soft Medium Hard Greenhorn (competition for beginners)
Cowboy (competition for experts)
Redneck Games (dedicated to a special game called Log-Slammer which is listed separately)

Each one of the automatic Mechanical Rodeo Bull programs is linked to the two LED digital time clocks giving the current time achieved, so both the operator and the rider can see how long the rider stayed on the bull. In addition, the Rodeo Bull control console features a ten speed manual control joystick, two stop buttons and a switch that allows us to disable the spin element of the ride.

Our price for our Deluxe Mechanical Bull includes 2 experienced operators, 3 hours of operation or additional hours at an additional cost,
full liability insurance protection to $2 million,
and the knowledge that in over 18 years we have never had an injury or claim.

The process includes providing you with waivers for each participant (or parent/guardian thereof) to sign a waiver before riding. SuperFun will send electronicappy waivers to the event coordianator in advance. For each signed waiver provided to our supervisor, we provide a wristband that allows each rider to participate.

SN#GAC4212 Control Console ;  GA4212Motion Base

Footprint:  15x15 inflatable platform with 5' clearance to walls or obstructions or 20' circular configuration.

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

20' Circular

Space Needed:

30' Circular


  • Extreme Delivery/Pickup/Cleaning

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