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Jurassic Safari Combo
Jurassic Safari Combo Jurassic Safari Combo Jurassic Safari Combo Jurassic Safari Combo

Jurassic Safari Combo


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Bounce in the jungle where you are safe from the herbivore stegosaurus. But when you finally muster the courage to crawl through the caves tunnel up the ladder and down the slide you will have to avoid the t-Rex waiting for it’s next victim! He's already chased the expedition deep into the jungle! Hey mom, it really IS a jungle out there!

Arena Inspection   5/29/20

FOOTPRINT= 17'L x 17'D x 15'H

Product Reviews:

  • 11/17/19BrandonIt was was exactly as described. Very spacious. My son and all of the children really enjoyed it

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    SN 809Q9481SW   

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    Government Inspected and Certified 04/18/2019