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Jungle Combo 5n1 #sn 11422
Jungle Combo 5n1 #sn 11422 Jungle Combo 5n1 #sn 11422 Jungle Combo 5n1 #sn 11422 Jungle Combo 5n1 #sn 11422

Jungle Combo 5n1 #sn 11422


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Slide Combo - With this 5 in 1 Elephant Jungle Combo natives can run, slide, bounce and climb their way to safety from the wild beasts of the jungle... well, the little human kind, that is. This adventurous journey through the thick brush and harsh terrain makes everyone the king of the jungle. The Jungle Combo used to rent for $315 because IT IS HUGE; the size of a real elephant! But with a little diet on price, we have reduced the rental for our loyal customers. Shoot baskets inside or on an outside basketball hoop to engage the best sports action, until one seeks the shelter of the bounce, cause "it's a jungle out there!"

Product Dimensions:  Length18 FT    Width15 FT   Height17 FT    Weight335 LBS

Product Reviews:

  • 11/1/13Stevelate for set up

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