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Product Information:

The image you see is an exact replica of the brand new Circus Combo. If you want to establish a carnival and/or circus atmosphere, this exciting combo is a must! 

First greeted by the Big Top Marquee, not only does the Circus Combo feature a large bouncing area under the Big Top Tent but with a basketball hoop inside performers practice their trampoline dunk without a safety net since you will be vaulting on rubber and air! 

The attraction features a mysterious ladder that beckons the circus performers to the high performing ledge that starts their high-speed exit from the circus arena on a steep slide that is part of the high wire act of the new Circus Combo. 

This high wire act is perfect for the adventurous performers and also for those nostalgic adults who remember a piece of Americana that is gone forever. Check out Carnival Games as an additional carny themed attraction found in the SuperFun games section, and don't forget to order your popcorn from SuperFun to make this adventure complete!

FOOTPRINT:  17 X 17 X 15H

DIMENSIONS:  15 X 15 X 12H

SN# SFA20198

Government Inspected; 04/20/2019

Arena Inspection  5/31/20  

SuperFun Arena Inspected, cleaned and sanitized 7/18/2021.

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